Sustainable Homestead Map & Plans

We've updated and modified the plans for our sustainable homestead.

Now that homestead construction has been underway for more than a year we have created a revised site plan that reflects our current vision. Our quest for sustainability seems more important than ever and I think that shows in our new homestead map.

After bringing chickens and rabbits onto our farm, we decided to create space for keeping milk goats and pigs. We've doubled our garden space and have begun experimenting with growing grains. Our plans may seem ambitious, but they take into account the agricultural space that we believe is needed to achieve a truly sustainable balance. With careful planning we think we will be able to meet many of our needs on our 2.25 acres. However we do hope to acquire a few more acres of land to provide adequate space for hay production and pasture.

Sustainable Homestead Features

  • Central Utility Zone
  • Off the Grid
  • Agricultural Area
  • Large Garden Zone
  • Second Chicken Coop
  • New Goat Barn
  • Milking Room
  • Pig Pen
  • Insulated Livestock Barn
  • Hay Barn
  • Solar Greenhouse
  • Passive Solar Home Site

Click here to read more about our plan for a sustainable homestead.

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