Solar Power System Photos

Photos of the various components that make up our solar power system. Including our solar panels, sealed AGM batteries, charge controller, power inverter and fuse box.

Fuse Box

A fused distribution panel that was used in one of our earlier solar power configurations.

2000 Watt Inverter

We've used the 2000 watt modified sin wave inverter pictured on the right in a number of power system configurations.

Charge Controller

This small charge controller was the center of our 375 watt power system. It regulates the power flow from our solar panels into our AGM batteries.

375 Watt Array of Solar Panels

These 3 solar panels produce 375 watts of power in direct sunlight. For more than a year this was our sole source of electricity.

615 Watt Array of Solar Panels

Our current power system has five 12 volt solar panels, which harvest the sun's energy for immediate use or for storage in our battery bank.

Sealed Batteries

Our AGM batteries store power that is harvested from solar panels. These particular batteries are maintenance free.