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Mel and I were drawn to this mystical and powerful high-desert haven for many of the same reasons -- most of them having to do with a desire to live in peace & quiet. This wonderful land is one of the most peaceful places I have yet experienced. It is a place of primal elemental spirits, small darting lizards, acrobatic ravens & singing coyotes. A place ruled by the Sun and the Wind. And I feel very much at home here.

After a turning of the seasons living in this place we've decided to stay and to live our lives participating in a great experiment -- seeking a sustainable means of living on the Earth. So far my time and actions on this planet have been anything but sustainable -- I now understand that. I have consumed more than my fair share of energy and resources since my entry into this world. And although we now exist on a small fraction of the energy and resources we used to consume I am confident that our negative impacts upon our planet can be further reduced. We seek a new way to walk and live on the Earth. Our experiments seek a path towards living in a sustainable manner.

All great experiments must be well documented and we've chosen to share our experiences, insights, failures & successes with the people of the World via this web site. We welcome your thoughts & advice on our projects & experiments. Please use our feedback page or create an account and add your comments to the appropriate page.

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