Concho Arts and Crafts Festival

On Saturday, August 19 Concho, Arizona held its first Arts and Crafts Festival. We gladly took the opportunity to vend our crafts locally.

Patrick and I erected our geodesic dome not only as shade structure, but as a work of art in itself. Paintings were exhibited around the interior of the dome and petrified wood wind chimes were suspended from the frame. For the first time in a while, I also had jewelry on display and for sale.

We had a great time showing our artwork and gathering with our friends. We especially enjoyed the company of Lillith, Jonathan and Zarah of Alpacas of Avalon. They shared our structure, vending alpaca and fiber goods. Many people were very excited to see our dome and we had a many chances to exchange ideas about alternative living.

In the afternoon, a big cloud rolled into town and most of the tents began to sway fiercely in the wind. Our dome held up great in the storm, even with its new rain fly. We enjoyed the day immensely and were eventually the last ones to leave. We definitely look forward to doing it again next year.

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