Homestead Septic System Underway

Digging for our septic system began yesterday! Though many of our friends here in Apache County have sworn that putting one's own septic system in is fairly simple, we decided to hire a local contractor anyway.

Once work on our septic began we were certainly glad that we had hired a team of experts. Digging for the perc test took most of the day as the guys from Rodeo Fence and Septic dug hole after hole looking for a suitable spot. Our choices were limited by county restirctions which require spetic systems to be 100 feet from any well, 50 feet from any wash, and 50 feet from every property line. We were certainly feeling a little boxed in!

On the first half dozen holes the backhoe hit a rock ledge about five feet down that apparently spans most of our property. The engineer also seemed to think that the soil was less than ideal for septic drainage in the first, second, and third spots that we had picked out for our system. Finally, the team managed to find a spot with excellent soil that was just beyond the rock ledge.

We were very happy to find out that we would be able to put our septic in, though due to its location our carefully constructed homestead plan will have to be revised. While we had hoped to place the septic at a lower elevation, it turns out that the system must be installed towards the top of the hill. As a result the only structure on the property that will ever be able to feed into the septic tank will be our home.

Once the septic system is fully installed and inspected, we'll be able to obtain a permit to bring a single wide home onto the property.

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Wells and Septic Systems

Max & Charlotte Alth. McGraw Hill, New York, 1992.

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