Temporary Shelter

When we first moved to Arizona to begin our off grid adventure Mel and I live in a 32' travel trailer -- it's interior dimensions were roughly 8' x 28' -- which is about 225 square feet of living space. It was quite "cozy".

There was a small kitchen, dining table, couch, bedroom, bathroom, and my office -- which used to be a kid's bedroom. It was definitely the most unique office I've ever had. It's dimensions were 7' 8" wide by 5' 10" long x 4' 9" tall. That's not a typo... it was really only 4' 9" tall. There was a storage area beneath my office so the floor was raised to the point where I could not stand up... but it was relatively comfortable to sit in.

Now we live in an even smaller travel trailer that is located on our homestead property. At one time it functioned only as the workshop and studio, but now it is our home and office as well. I am amazed at the lengths we have gone to in order to build our own off grid home and farm.

Even in our temporary living situations we have managed to live completely off the grid and produce the entirety to our power with a modest array of solar panels. Click here to view our current solar power system.