Illustrations of our passive solar house plans, sustainable homestead plans, geodesic domes, solar hot water heaters, and more.
Batch Collector
This is a diagram of our homemade solar hot water heater. It is refered to as a batch collector because the sun's energy if constantly focused on the entire storage tank.
This is an illustration of the chemical process of electrolysis in which electricity is used to split water into separate molecules of hydrogen and oxygen.
Flat Panel Collector
A diagram of our homemade flat panel collector, completed May 2005.
Geodesic Dome Cover
Geodesic dome cover plans and patterns.
Geodesic Domes 2V 3V 4V
In the process of building our geodesic dome tent we used dome formulas to create a 2V geodesic dome. These diagrams compare geodesic domes 2V, 3V, and 4V.
Hot Water Systems
Diagrams of solar hot water heating systems. These were prepared for the Alternative Energy Club as part of the "Intro to Solar Hot Water" presentation.
House Plans
Passive solar house plans and diagrams of our sustainable homestead.
Land Survey
Illustrations from our survey of the land.
Power System Diagrams
Illustrations of off grid power systems. Our system is powered by several solar panels, with storage batteries to provide electricity at night.
Seasonal Changes of the Sun
A diagram showing the seasonal paths of the sun.
Small Barn Plans
Plans for our small barn.
Garden Map
Illustrated map of our organic garden. Created early this spring as we made plans for this year's organic gardening project.
Raised Garden Beds
Illustrations of our raised garden beds. They are designed to protect plants from sun, wind, cold temperatures and extreme weather. We are constructing panels that can be added or removed based on the seasonal need. Panels will be constructed from varying materials: shade cloth, screen, hardware cloth or clear plastic.
Egg Productivity
Charts comparing egg production and diagrams for DIY automated chicken light timers.
Garden Plans
Garden illustrations; April 2009.
Homestead Map
Map illustration of our sustainable homestead; April 2009.