Photos of our homestead, the land, projects, etc.
ByExample Homestead Photos
Photos of our off grid homestead in Arizona, which we have named Solar Flare Farm.
First Homestead Photos
Photos from our first homestead on the Avalon land. We are still living off the grid in a travel trailer while we build our permanent home, though we have moved onto our property.
Avalon Homestead Photos
The Avalons are our close neighbors who have helped us to transition off of the power grid. Photos of their dome home and solar powered homestead.
Landscape Photos
Photos of the amazing landscape out here.
Solar Power System Photos
Photos of the various components that make up our solar power system. Including our solar panels, sealed AGM batteries, charge controller, power inverter and fuse box.
Project Photos
Photo documentation of our projects. Includes alternative energy experiments, DIY solar water heaters, geodesic dome construction, building a solar shower, trailer skirting and other off-grid projects. Also includes our new passive solar greenhouse and recent endeavors in organic gardening.
Event Photos
Photos taken at events that we have attended and hosted.
Art Project Photos
Community art projects. Includes photos from Mel's printmaking workshops for kids and student artwork from summer Art Camp.