Projects Planned For The Future

Some of the projects and experiments we are hoping to begin sometime in the future.
Prototype Methane Digestor
We're hoping to replace our use of LPG (Liquid Propane Gas) with methane produced by bacteria digesting animal wastes. This digestor design is intended to be a simple prototype used to begin our understanding of this technology. If all goes well we'll move on to a more advanced model (and finished) design.
Solar Steam Engine
Steam engines were the work horse machines before the oil age. This project will seek to turn solar thermal energy into kinetic energy (motion) to be used for a variety of functions including pumping water, compressing air, generating electricity, etc.
The Cold House
In the future we will be supplying our homestead's water needs with our own well & an above ground water storage tank. Water coming out of the ground is on average a chilly 55 degrees. We're planning to enclose our water tank in a small, insulated building that will serve as our cold house which we'll use like a root celar. The water's temperature should keep the inside of this building quite quite stable and cool all year round.
Fencing the Properties
Much of our neighbor's properties are fenced. We're planning to collaborate with the Avalon's and Troy and Phaedra to fence the remaining boundaries to create a cattle-free zone of about 77 acres of land -- which includes our 2.236 acres.

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