Official Land Survey

Our official land survey is complete! The whole process took several months. Last week we were finally able to pick up our survey maps from the engineer who prepared them. Today, we submitted our maps along with our application for a minor land split to the Planning and Zoning Department of Apache County. In addition to a large format mylar survey map, the application required an accurate legal description of the new property, which was also supplied by the surveyors. The total cost of our survey was $1600 and we paid an additional $275 in county fees when we submitted our application for the land split.

Calculating Acres

When compared to the maps we drafted ourselves, the surveyor's maps definitely showed a greater degree of accuracy and detail. When surveyed, one of the corner points was adjusted approximately 7 inches from its original position, which accounts for the greatest inaccuracies. However, Patrick was able to calculate the lengths of four out of the five sides of our property within one tenth of a foot. We calculated the acreage of our parcel to be 2.236 acres, while the surveyor's map defines our property as 2.23 acres. Pretty close if you ask me!

To read about the calculations that Patrick used to determine the acreage of our property, click here.


The bearings and distances calculated by Patrick were also fairly accurate, with the greatest inconsistencies resulting from the limitations of the equipment we used. While professional survey equipment is designed to measure long distances, the survey tools we used were designed for construction projects that generally involve shorter distances. The contours of the land also contributed to slight inaccuracies in our measurements. While our tools were not equipped to measure the distance between points at different elevations, the tools used by the surveyors were designed to do so.

Now that we have the land split under way, and we are in the process of finalizing ownership of our property, we will soon be putting in our septic system.

To view more photos of our property, click here.