New Chicken Coop & Rabbit Cages

Food production is underway. This summer we designed and built a chicken coop and chicken yard to protect and shelter our egg laying chickens. We've also installed wire rabbit cages outside the barn to temporarily hold our new breeding rabbits.

It seems that food has been in the news a lot lately. Every week there is another issue at hand and I've become skeptical of the many "scientific breakthroughs" in the food industry and "advancements" in agriculture technology. I believe that cloning meats, genetically modifying seeds, over-medicating farm animals and using chemical pesticides all pose threats to the safety of the food sources we rely on. To read more about these topics visit Organic Consumers Association.

In addition, climate change may bring erratic weather patterns and extreme conditions that will also endanger our food supplies.

I wasn't sure at first how I would feel about raising and butchering animals for consumption, but Patrick has experience with butchering and has spearheaded the effort. Now that I have really examined the issue, I find that I feel better about raising our own animals for food than I do about supporting the large scale agri-businesses that are poisoning and tampering with our foods.

Our New Chicken Coop

The new chicken coop is located within part of the barn and has a passage way to an outdoor chicken yard. We recycled our geodesic dome for this project -- it keeps our chickens safe from predators and looks cool too! We really like having chickens and already have plans to expand the flock.

Click here to read more about our chicken coop and new egg laying chickens.

Breeding Rabbits

We installed temporary rabbit cages outside the barn for our new breeding rabbits. When we finish the barn interior we will relocate our breeding rabbits to the new indoor rabbit cages and will use the outdoor cage as a holding pen. Patrick has tried his hand at breeding our rabbits, though the results are yet to be seen.

Click here to read more about our breeding rabbits.

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