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In the quest for sustainable living we have found do-it-yourself projects to be a necessary means of acquiring alternative energy products at affordable costs. In addition, our homespun projects require no professional installation or service and we are able to maintain our energy systems ourselves. The incorporation of recycled materials in our projects allows us to further reduce our costs, and also minimizes our participation in the prevalent culture of disposable goods.

As part of the experimentation process we are continually working to improve our designs, responding to weaknesses and building on strengths. The articles in this section provide details from our experiments, though we make no claims to have discovered perfect lost-cost, energy efficient solutions. We find ourselves constantly updating, repairing, and reinventing our alternative energy systems to get more practical and efficient results.

We provide online documentation of our projects free for public use and we hope that this information helps you to develop and carry out your own experiments. If you have questions about alternative energy that are not answered on this site please email Patrick or Mel.

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