Egg Laying Chickens

Our egg laying chickens are the first animals that we brought onto the homestead. We constructed a passive solar barn and indoor chicken coop to house our egg laying chickens. We've improved egg production by modifying our chicken nesting boxes and installing an automated light.
Chicken Coop Plans
This is our first farm and we spent a lot of time making plans for our chicken coop and researching how to build chicken coops. As part of the process we looked for free chicken coop plans, but in the end we created our own passive solar chicken coop design. We are happy with our first hen house, as are our egg laying chickens.
Chicken Nesting Boxes
We've modified our chicken nesting boxes several times and have finally developed a nest box with dimensions that work well for our egg laying chickens.
Egg Laying Chickens
With the help of our egg laying chickens our farm produces all of the eggs we need for breakfast and baking. In fact, our egg laying chickens have been so productive we've been able to trade, sell and give away dozens of eggs every week!