Cold Frames for Our Winter Garden

In our last article we shared plans for raised garden beds with cold frame attachments. This fall we decided to build the cold frames and managed to keep a winter vegetable garden growing.

The first freeze of the year came without much warning, but with "all hands on deck" we were still able to get the cold frames built and attached to the raised garden beds in the nick of time. We're currently testing the cold frames in our winter garden and happily report that the cold frame design is performing well...even in the depths of winter.

It is a real treat to have fresh vegetables growing in your backyard, even when there is snow on the ground!

To read more about our winter vegetable garden, see how we are using cold frame technology for winter growing, or to download cold frame plans click here.

Cold Frame Plans

After my first experiment with winter gardening I feel that there is still a lot to learn, but I am convinced that year-round growing is absolutely feasible. These books offer cold frame plans and methods for producing vegetables throughout the winter season that might offer some more insight on the topic:

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