Over a Foot of Snow On Our Homestead!

We've had over a foot of snow this week! Not your typical weather for the high desert of Arizona.

This past week a wintry storm brought heaps of snow to our homestead. It does generally snow here during the winter, but only a few inches at a time and never lasting more than a day. Most of the time the sun melts the entire snowfall by the end of day. But not this time! It's now the third day and you can see from the pictures in our photo gallery that we are still covered in snow.

After speaking with friends and family in Pennsylvania it seems that this year we've seen more snow on our homestead than the folks back East.

We also recently got a puppy who absolutely loves the snow! She will be very disappointed to find out that it is out of the ordinary. Hope you enjoy the pictures of this most beautiful and bizarre snow.

Photo Gallery

Click here to see more pictures of our high desert homestead covered in a thick blanket of snow.

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