New Nesting Boxes for Our Egg Laying Chickens

We recently modified our nesting boxes and have begun tracking egg production. Our egg laying chickens are maintaining good production levels despite the winter weather.
Chicken Nesting Boxes

We've reconfigured our chicken nesting boxes with excellent results. Before the new nest box arrangements our egg production levels were lower on account of pecked and broken eggs; on top of it the eggs were fairly dirty. Now, we get clean, unbroken eggs and have had an uninterrupted supply.

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Egg Laying Chickens for Beginners

In our first year of raising chickens we have learned a lot. To start, raising chickens is fun and also rewarding. Now, don't get me wrong there is a fair bit of work to go along with it all. Nonetheless, having a constant supply of farm fresh eggs on hand is worth every minute that I have devoted to the care and maintenance of our lovely ladies.

As beginners, there was a lot of trial and error: buying the right chicken feed for the right age, keeping the waterer and feeder clean, getting the roosts in the right arrangement and on and on. One of our most significant upgrades to the chicken coop was the addition of an automatic light; it insures that the chickens get a full day of light even on the shortest days of the years.

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