Passive Solar House Plans for Our Off Grid Homestead

We've updated our homestead map and have created a more detailed house plan to guide the construction of our sustainable passive solar home.

Our future home will have many features to reduce our power needs. The floor plan is designed to promote ventilation and to capitalize on passive heating and cooling opportunities. In addition to alternative utilities described in our homestead plan, our passive solar home will feature:

  • East to West Alignment
  • Passive Solar Heating
  • Passive Ventilation
  • Geothermal Cooling
  • Solar Oven
  • Solar Dehydrator
  • Insulated Cold Room
  • Solar Evaporator
  • Solar Tubes
  • Insulated Solarium
  • Concrete Floors for Thermal Mass

Landscaping to Promote Agriculture

We have also begun to design the landscape of the area surrounding our home. Our outdoor patio will feature planting beds for decorative desert flora, while our back yard will be cultivated as an orchard for food producing trees. As we build our sustainable homestead we will be experimenting with the native elements in an attempt to revitalize the land around our home. Our projects will include:

  • Earth Terraforming
  • Developing a Catch Pond
  • Planting a Desert Orchard
  • Fostering Microclimates
  • Creating an Outdoor Patio
  • Building Raised Planters

Passive Solar House Plans

For greater details on our passive solar house plans and our landscaping plans, click here.

For more info on our overall homestead plan, click here.

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