Homestead Well and Land Survey Complete!

We welcomed the New Year with significant progress on our homestead! Construction of our off grid homestead is underway with the completion of our land survey and an exciting week of well drilling.

Our official land survey was finally completed in December and we've submitted the paperwork for the land split with the county. We are also pleased to report that our fresh water well has been drilled, and the well drilling rig hit water at a depth of 200 feet!

Joan and Rich visited for the holidays and while they were here we staked out future buildings on our home site and worked on our homestead plan. We are inspired by our progress and we look forward to the day we move onto our land.

Homestead Updates

Drilling Our Fresh Water Well
We hired Willis Drilling and Pump to drill a fresh water well for our off-grid homestead. The well drilling rig hit water at 200 feet and drilled to a total depth of 280 feet. We will soon be installing a 12 volt DC solar powered well pump and a water storage tank to provide water to our off grid homestead.
Official Land Survey
Although we mapped out our future homestead ourselves, we were required by the county to submit an official land survey. We've picked up our survey maps from the engineer who prepared them and recorded the survey with the county. When compared, the bearings and distances that Patrick calculated were close to precise, as was the total acreage of our parcel.
Staking Out Buildings for Our Off-Grid Homestead
Once we prepared the map of our off-grid homestead on paper, we wanted to see how our house plans fit the landscape. Working from the homestead plan was fairly simple, as Patrick made the diagram to scale. We took our surveying tools up the hill, measured actual distances, and staked out future buildings.

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