Passive Solar House Plans for Building in Phases

The second version of our passive solar house plans for our off grid home includes four building phases. The first phase is small and simple which will allow us to get started building right away.

We are anxious to get started on our new home which will be the primary structure of our sustainable off grid homestead. The free single wide that we have been planning around has not materialized yet and we've begun to reconsidered our options for building. We've come up with a second version of our house plans that utilizes locally available materials and will fit within our budget.

We've decided that building in stages makes a lot of sense and our first structure will be built just big enough to meet our current needs. This small core house will serve as a base to build around, with the first addition being a greenhouse on the south side. With its East to West alignment, south facing glazing, and masonry walls our home will be a passive solar structure that will naturally maintain comfortable temperatures.

House Features

  • 820 sq. ft. Core House
  • Passive Solar
  • Built in Stages
  • Solar Kitchen
  • Locally Available Materials
  • Fire Proof
  • Suitable for Storm Shelter
  • Rain Catch & Well Water Storage
  • South Facing Greenhouse
  • Indoor Growing Spaces
  • Cold Storage Room
  • Solar Hot Water

To see the four construction phases of our passive solar house plans, click here.

For more information on our overall homestead plan, click here.

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