Alternative Energy Experiments - Project Update

Our experiments with alternative energy and alternative fuels continue! Harnessing solar energy definitely makes sense, as does the integration of clean burning fuels into our homestead power supply.

As the air in this country becomes visibly more polluted, we are compelled to find alternative solutions. We've recently begun to experiment with hydrogen as an alternative fuel for home use and have continued our solar water heating project. We plan to incorporate a variety of alternative energies into our homestead power system, which will be independent of the power grid.

Our current projects include:

New Hydrogen Generator Experiment
Alternative fuel in the form of hydrogen can be used as an environmentally friendly solution for home heating and cooking, as well as for running a backup generator. While hydrogen gas can be easily produced with electrolysis, storage of this alternative fuel presents the greater challenge. We've recently begun experimenting with a hydrogen generator to gain a better understanding of ideal production and storage methods.

DIY Solar Hot Water Upgrade
We've upgraded our solar hot water heating system by installing copper pipes and putting in a tempering valve. For the winter we've also added additional insulation. This is an experiment in process and we have already begun to formulate ideas for our next solar hot water heater project. Using solar energy to heat water has greatly reduced our overall need for fossil fuels in our current living situation.

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