We've Found Land!

After months of searching we've finally decided upon a piece of land.

It's a lovely spot very near to where we currently live. The initial boundries of the land have been drawn and we're estimating the parcel to be about 1 1/2 acres. It's hilly in places but it has a number of almost flat places to build and work. The land currently belongs to our dear friends Troy and Phaedra and we are very grateful to have come to an agreement with them on this land.

Mel and I are thrilled to be staying so close to where we've been living for the last year. It really is quite amazing here and I've come to treasure my time with our beloved friends the Avalons.

Next step: survey the land so that we can put in the paper work to divide the land and then estimate it's size in acres so that the final sale price can be established.

Thank you again Troy and Phaedra!

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