New House Plans for our Passive Solar Home

We've drafted another passive solar house plan! After designing each of the house plans we've published so far, we have found reason to explore alternative options.

Now that we have moved onto our land, the time is coming when we will begin building. Soon we will have to finalize our house plans and submit them to the permitting office.

This version of our passive solar house plans features a lot of the same elements that were present in earlier plans, but explores a spacious two story design. These house plans also includes details for electrical wiring and lights, as well as septic lines and building specs.

House Features

  • 960 sq. ft. House
  • Passive Solar Design
  • South Facing Clerestory
  • Cinder Block Utility Basement
  • Suitable for Storm Shelter
  • Solar Hot Water
  • South Facing Greenhouse Addition
  • Plan for Porch Addition
  • Plan for Cold Room Addition

House Plans

Click here to read more about our two story house plans, as well as to view floor plans and electrical details.

Click here to review all of our house plans.

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