Alternative Energy Club - New Projects

The Alternative Energy Club has two new projects planned for the upcoming months. We will be experimenting with assembling a solar panel and will also be making our own wind generators.

The cost of solar panels continues to rise as consumer demand increases and silicon reserves decrease. Building our own solar panels will allow to test the theory that assembling a panel from parts must be cheaper than buying one. Though making solar panels from individual solar cells could prove to be tedious, there is another advantage to homemade panels. In the event that a single cell becomes damaged, it can be replaced without sending it to a manufacturer for repair.

To further refute the notion that costly solar panels are the only form of alternative energy available to us, the Alternative Energy Club will also be developing homemade wind generators. Recycled and hand fabricated parts will be combined to capture the wind's energy and turn it into electricity.

Through our projects we strive to employ alternative energies that are not only eco-friendly, but are also self-sustaining. If we allow ourselves to rely on corporations to provide alternative energy products, we quickly become estranged from the concept of “alternative” altogether. If we develop our own solutions that draw on resources directly available to us, then we believe that we can become truly independent of the mainstream power grid.

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