Local Organic Farming & Native Medicinal Plants

Though Concho, Arizona is small and rural, our community has a fabulous farmer's market. Local support for organic farming makes it possible for us to get fresh organic food - even way out here in the desert. Aside from organic, farm-fresh produce, the Concho area also boasts a number of medicinal plants and edible herbs that I have become familiar with through a community herb walk.

As the effects of global warming become more and more apparent we feel that minimizing our need for imported goods and long distance shopping will help us to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and our carbon footprint. By shopping locally we know our money supports our neighbors and contributes to the establishment of a much needed local economy in these rural parts. We support local organic farming buy shopping at the Concho Farmer's Market, which happens to be closer to our home than the nearest grocery store. We also study and gather desert medicinal plants which we can cultivate ourselves and use in homemade medicinal teas and herbal tinctures.

Edible and Medicinal Plants of Northern Arizona
There are many native medicinal plants and edible greens that grow in naturally in the high deserts of Northeastern Arizona. Last summer I went on an herb walk with a local herb specialist who helped us to identify the medicinal and edible plants that grow in the Concho area. I was able to take many photos of the local desert plants and herbs and have put together a list of medicinal plants and an online visual identification guide.

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