Rabbit Breeding Begins on Our Farm

In a move away from store bought meats, we have begun breeding and raising rabbits, as well as seeking other sources of local farm raised meats.

Last summer we took several steps to begin producing our own farm raised meats. We are excited and looking forward to bringing a greater quantity and variety of locally raised foods to our table.

Pig Co-op

We don't have the space on our property to keep a pig yet, but jumped at the opportunity to raise a pig on a nearby farm as part of an informal co-op. Collectively we raised three pigs, with several farms pitching in towards the cost of feeding and maintaining them. The pigs are just about ready to be butchered and we are making room in our freezer for our portion of the meat.

Rabbit Breeding

This past summer we also brought our first breeding rabbits onto the farm. We've successfully bred the rabbits a number of times and have several kindles of baby rabbits that are growing rapidly. We are still expanding our rabbit breeding herd and soon will be getting two more purebred rabbits of the endangered American breed.

To read more about our experiences with rabbit breeding, click here.

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