Organic Gardening & Passive Solar Greenhouse Plans

We are now actively working to grow our own organic food and fresh vegetables. This season we've gotten a lot accomplished when it comes to organic gardening and we've also been able to implement our passive solar greenhouse plans.

Even with a very active spring we've found lots of time to spend outdoors in the garden. Our goal is to begin producing our own locally grown organic food, not only during the summer and fall seasons, but year round. Much of our time and energy recently has been devoted to improving and enlarging the growing spaces to encourage a bountiful harvest not only in the outdoor vegetable gardens, but also thriving organic herbs in the greenhouse.

Our spring construction project was to remodel the existing greenhouse on the property here. Our goal was to give it more passive solar characteristics and improve its insulation. We believe that as a result of our modifications we will find that we can now grow longer into the winter.

Solar Greenhouse and Gardening Projects

Passive Solar Greenhouse Modifications
Using UV protected glazing recycled from old greenhouse kits, plywood, and traditional insulation we turned an ordinary greenhouse into a structure with passive solar qualities. The well insulated North wall and roof help the structure to absorb solar energy and passively retain heat, while the Southern side of the building allows ample light to penetrate. We've also devised a system for passive ventilation in the greenhouse for the hotter months.
Organic Gardening Underway
Though we plan to have a greenhouse and gardens on our own homestead when we finally move, we've been partnering with our neighbors to cultivate vegetables and organic herbs in their established desert gardens. This year we added several new beds and have begun improvements to the garden irrigation system. As summer approaches the garden is coming to life and we hope to have deliciously fresh, organic fruits and vegetables soon.

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