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Topics include: alternative energy, sustainability, global warming, solar cars, air pollution, house plans, passive solar house plans, green building, wind power, DIY solar, solar cookers, solar projects, small house plans, adobe house plans, geodesic domes and more to come.

We compiled many of these valuable links through our online research, while building our sustainable solar powered homestead. Other links have been recommended to us by readers who have submitted online comments.

Many of the sites listed on our links page have been created by individuals that are also seeking sustainability and a simpler lifestyle. Other links are to websites with information that we have personally found useful in our quest.

Links by Topic

Environmental Education
Geodesic Domes
Green Building
House Plans
Homestead Utilities
Wind Power

More Resources is a great place to find quality sites without the hassles encountered with popular search engines. At you will find a directory of alternative energy websites, as well as the ByExample blog. Hopefully you will enjoy StumbleUpon as much as we do!


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