Upgrades to Our Solar Power System

As we begin construction on our property our electricity needs have increased. Our recent solar power system upgrades will sustain our power needs during the early phases of building.

New solar panels are always cause for celebration! We've significantly increased the available power to our household by expanding our solar power system from 3 panels (375 watts) to five panels (620 watts). At present we are piecing our solar power system together as we have the resources to do so. As a result the PV system that we recently installed will soon be transformed again when we move onto our property and begin pumping water from our well. We'll be getting another shipment of panels this week, which we will use in a 24 volt power system.

Our new solar power system includes:

Five 12 Volt Solar Panels

Six AGM Batteries

60 Amp Charge Controller

2000 Watt Modified Sin Wave Inverter

Trimetric System Monitor

Click here for a diagram and overview of our current solar power system.

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