New Geodesic Dome Calculator and DIY Dome Plans

Last spring we built our own geodesic dome tent, including a homemade dome cover, ventilation system, and rain fly. We've posted construction plans, geodesic dome cover patterns, as well as our preferred dome assembly method. We've also taken geodesic dome formulas and created a calculator to help those of you that are planning to build your own dome.

Geodesic Dome Calculator

DIY Dome Formula Calculator
Our geodesic dome calculator will calculate the length and number of struts for 2V, 3V and 4V geodesic domes based on the specified radius. It automates the calculation of geodesic dome formulas to simplify planning.

Dome Plans and Patterns

How to Build a Geodesic Dome - Construction Plans
This article is based on our own dome construction project and offers geodesic dome plans, dome cover patterns, and a calculator to simplify geodesic dome formulas. There is advice for making your own geodesic dome tent, information on geodesic structures, as well as comments on living in a dome home.
Our Homemade Geodesic Dome Cover
We also designed and constructed our own form fitting geodesic dome cover. This article tells how we custom built the dome cover using silver tarps and vinly cement.
Patterns for Making a Geodesic Dome Cover
Read and download patterns for making your own form fitting geodesic dome cover for an 8ft 7in 2V dome. Our custom dome cover design offers a ventilation system, as well as a rain fly.
How to Assemble a Geodesic Dome
A step by step guide to building a geodesic dome shelter out of steel conduit (EMT) struts. After much experimentation we have settled on this procedure as our preferred geodesic dome assembly method.

Geodesic Dome Comparison

The Difference Between 2V, 3V, and 4V Geodesic Domes
In the process of building our geodesic dome tent we used dome formulas to create a 2V geodesic dome. These diagrams illustrate the differences between 2V, 3V, and 4V geodesic domes.

Dome Construction Photos

Geodesic Dome Construction Pictures
We made our geodesic dome frame inside our small trailer. These are photos of the dome building process.
Geodesic Dome Cover Pictures
Making our geodesic dome cover was a little more challenging and we needed a larger space to spread out the tarps. Some of these photos were taken at the local community center, where we cut the tarps.

Benefits of Having a Geodesic Dome Tent

Geodesic dome tents provide excellent shelter from wind and sun. If you are planning to do any camping in the desert you might consider building your own geodesic dome. Dome structures are inherently strong and can withstand a significant amount of weight, especially if built with steel EMT (electrical metallic tubing). In fact, geodesic domes are frequently seen on playgrounds serving as jungle gyms.

Not only is the stability of the dome structure appealing, but its shape and pattern are unique too. We have definitely enjoyed having our own geodesic dome to play in. It is set up year round near our home and has served as a jam space, meditation zone, outdoor workshop, as well as an overflow storage room. We even vended out of the dome at our last arts and crafts festival.

While constructing the dome frame was relatively straightforward, making a form fitting dome cover presented more of a challenge. We will be experimenting with different homemade dome covers in the future, as well as more complex and bigger domes. All in all this project was not too expensive, especially when you consider the many ways in which our dome has been put to use.

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