Geodesic Dome Construction

Photos from our first experiment in building a geodesic structure. March 2006.

Marking the Lengths


Construction Materials


Clamping the Pipe with a Vise


Sawing the Pipe


Pounding the Ends Flat


An Example of a Well Flattened End


Aligning the Pipe to Measure Between Holes


Using a Punch to Mark the Hole


Drilling A Hole in Each Pipe End


Close Up of Drilling


Preparing to Bend the Pipe


Using a Level to Calculate the Bend


Bending the Pipe


Precision Bending


An Example of a Bent End


Manufactured Parts Ready for Use


The Dome Erected for the First Time


Two Domes in Comparison


Painted Ends


Painting the Ends


View from Inside the Geodesic Dome Frame


Geodesic Dome Erected with Cover