Land Survey Completed

Today Troy, Jonathan, Mel and I spent the afternoon measuring angles and distances between the survey points agreed upon.

Using Jonathan's spiffy new construction survey tools we measured the angles and distances between the property markers established in our discussions with Troy and Phaedra. We started with an existing survey marker and made all measurements relative to that point. We spent about 3 hours for the entire process.

Next all the data has to be compiled and a scale map crafted. Once we have a scale map we'll use some basic geometry and trigonometry to determine the area (square footage) of the parcel. Knowing the total square footage of the space will allow us to calculate the total number of acres the space represents.

We've agreed upon a price per acre with Troy and Phaedra and once we know how many acres we're purchasing we can determine the final price of the land.

To see the first draft of the survey map click here.

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