Solar Hot Water Batch Collector

Photos of the construction of our solar hot water batch collector. November 2005.

Removing the Outer Shell of a Used Hot Water Heater


Removing the Old Hardware


Sanding Down the Tank


Preparing the Tank for Painting


Cutting Plywood to Construct the Collector Box


Framing out the Collector Box


Constructing the Collector Box


Insulating with Styrofoam


The Collector Box Insulated, Painted, and Installed


The Collector Glazing


Preparing the Tank for Installation


Preparing the Pipe Fittings


Attatching the TPR Valve to the Tank


Drain Spigot


Tank Fittings


Temperature Pressure Release Valve


Installing Form Fitting Tank Supports


The Tank Supports in Place


CPVC Hoses Carry Water Into and Out of the Tank


The Hot Water Tank Installed


Finished Batch Collector


Copper Pipes Installed


Tempering Valve Installed


Our Solar Hot Water Is Too Hot for CPVC


Insulating the Tempering Valve