Solar Hot Water Flat Panel Collector

Building our first solar hot water heater. Flat panel collector. Photos 2005.

Planning Out the Collector


Collector Parts Assembled


Hot Water Tank Without the Collector


Preparing to Solder


Soldering the Pipe Joints


The New Collector Hooked into the Hot Water System


Cold Water Shut Off Valve and Drain Spigot


Collector Shut Off Valve and Hot Water Hose to Trailer


A Complex Joint


Spray Painting the Collector Black


The Collector Before Attaching the Glazing


Moisture Trapped Inside the Collector


TPR - Pressure Release Valve


Moisture Collects on the Glazing and Blocks Sunlight


A Frozen Collector Produces No Hot Water


The New Hot Water System Nearly Complete


Our Homemade Flat Panel Collector and Semi-Insulated Tank Producing Hot Water