Projects with Joan and Rich

Building our outdoor solar shower, constructing a picnic table, and sealing the roof of our travel trailer. Photos August 2006.

Joan and Rich


Sanding the Picnic Table


Homemade Picnic Table


Picnic Table with Redwood Stain


Completed Picnic Table


Our First Outdoor Meal


Laying Blocks for the Outdoor Shower


Creating a Shade Canopy


Wind Vents in the Shade Canopy


Framing the Shower Stall


Corner Posts for the Shower Stall


Installing Water Lines in the Shower


Picking through Scrap Wood for Siding


Shower Faucets


Preparing to Install the Shower Door


Rich's Sketches for the Shower Door


Shower Door (back)


Shower Door Installed


Shower Door (front)


Sanding before Sealing the Shower


Our Beautiful Outdoor Shower Completed


Sealing the Roof of the Office Trailer


Joan Painting the Roof


Elastomeric Coating on the Roof


Drainage System for the Shower


Building Desk Drawers


Painting and Building Office Shelves


Rich and Patrick working on the Office


Moving into the Office


Freshly Painted Counter


Joan and Rich at the Petrified Forest