Installing Our Homestead Utilities

Installing our solar powered submersible well pump, 1600 gallon water storage tank, Pex water lines, septic, phone and data lines. Photos Summer 2007.

The Water Tank Arrives


Unloading the Water Storage Tank


Rain While Installing the Water Tank


Trenching for Water Lines


The Water Tank in Place


More Trenches


Running Pex Water Lines


Water Lines to the Future Greenhouse


Pit for Water Distribution Center


Fresh Water Intake on Storage Tank


Creating the Water Distribution Center


Running Data Lines to the Utility Shed


Running the Phone Line to the Utility Shed


Lines Running into the Future Utility Shed


More Fresh Water Pex Lines


Water Manifold


Pex Tubing Tools


Pex Water Lines and Fittings


Pex Crimper


Checking the Pex Crimp


Another Pex Connection


Completed Pex Joint


Pipe, Rope and Wire for Well Pump


Sun Pumps Submersible Well Pump


Wiring the Pump


Splicing Wires to the Well Pump


Water Proof Splice Kit


Sealing the Wire Splice


Submersible Well Pump Ready to Install


Installing the Submersible Well Pump


Lowering the Pump into the Well


Only 100 Feet To Go


Only 50 Feet To Go


Submersible Pump Lowered to 140 Feet


Solar Panels to Power Well Pump


Dedicated 24V Solar Power System for Pumping


1600 Gal Water Storage Tank


Utility Shed Construction


Utility Shed - First Structure on Our Property


Water Tank & Utility Shed


Planning Out Septic Lines


Laying Septic Lines


ABS Pipe for Septic Lines


Septic Lines During Installation


Septic Tank


Sawing the ABS


Glueing the ABS Pipe Joints


Septic Plumbing for a Toilet


Septic Clean Out Pipe


Utility Shed with Solar Panels