How to Winterize a Travel Trailer

Tips on how to winterize a travel trailer including, installing a plywood trailer skirting, insulating windows, replacing curtains, and building homemade vent pillows.

  • Published: 2006-11-04

Homestead Plans - Drilling a Well and Land Survey

In the near future we will be having a fresh water well drilled on our property. We'll also be having an official survey of our land completed.

  • Published: 2006-10-27

Alternative Energy Club - "Everything you want to know about hydrogen...and More"

This past month the Alternative Energy Club offered a free presentation on the use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel.

  • Published: 2006-10-20

Installing the Phone Line on our Land

In order to save a significant amount of money, we opted to trench the line and run cable for our phone ourselves.

  • Published: 2006-10-01

Solar Fire Gathering

A Celebration of the Solar Lifestyle

  • Published: 2006-09-24

Alternative Energy Club - First Solar Panel Project Complete

The Alternative Energy Club has completed its first solar panel project! We worked as a group to assemble a small solar panel from a commercially available kit.

  • Published: 2006-09-06

Concho Arts and Crafts Festival

On Saturday, August 19 Concho, Arizona held its first Arts and Crafts Festival. We gladly took the opportunity to vend our crafts locally.

  • Published: 2006-08-31

Visit from Joan and Rich

In August my mom Joan and her partner Rich came to visit us in Arizona. While Joan and Rich were planning their trip they let us know that they wanted to have plenty of projects to work on while they were here.

  • Published: 2006-08-30

Alternative Energy Club - New Projects

The Alternative Energy Club has two new projects planned for the upcoming months. We will be experimenting with assembling a solar panel and will also be making our own wind generators.

  • Published: 2006-07-18

Alternative Energy Club – Solar Cook Out

The sun's heat and light provides us with a sustainable and renewable alternative energy source. Solar cookers provide a way to direct and amplify the sun's energy to heat and prepare food.

  • Published: 2006-07-18

Geodesic Dome Completed

In April we began building our portable geodesic dome shelter. We finished in mid May and went off to May Fire in the Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

  • Published: 2006-05-19

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  • Published: 2006-05-13

"Intro to Solar Hot Water"

Each month the Concho Alternative Energy Club will be offering presentations on key topics in Alternative Energy. Free and open to all!

  • Published: 2006-04-09

Alternative Energy Club Meeting - April

The Alternative Energy Club will be gathering to collectively build several solar cookers.

  • Published: 2006-04-09

Land Survey Completed

Today Troy, Jonathan, Mel and I spent the afternoon measuring angles and distances between the survey points agreed upon.

  • Published: 2006-03-26

We've Found Land!

After months of searching we've finally decided upon a piece of land.

  • Published: 2006-03-03

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